Corn Stoves


Corn has become a major alternative fuel source because it is reasonably priced, safe, extremely clean-burning, and most of all RENEWABLE! Compared with other fuels, the price of corn makes it one of the most cost-effective sources of heat. St. Croix corn stoves are officially certified to burn wheat and rye.


St. Croix corn stoves are "simply the most reliable," and high combustion efficiencies are proof of expertise in combustion engineering and manufacturing.  St. Croix corn stoves are designed-- from the ground up-- to burn corn. They're engineered to burn corn as reliably as traditional fuels burn in traditional appliances and they're easy to operate! St. Croix's ability to burn wheat and rye is an added bonus.


St. Croix Corn Clinker Removal System

The patent-pending St. Croix "Clinker Removal System" eliminates the need for a complex stirring mechanism that disrupts clean burning, allowing for extended periods of continuous burning. St. Croix corn stoves allow you to remove fuel-expended clinkers without  shutting the stove down.shutting the stove down.

Optional pellet conversion kit

The St. Croix retrofit pellet pot allows you to burn wood pellets in your corn stove. Keep in mind that if you would like to burn pellets the majority of the time, we would recommend one of our St. Croix Pellet stoves as they are standard with an igniter and a VersaGrate system.